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X X artist X title X cat.# X format X songs X year X cop.
1The Retards"I Wanna Be Like Ron Jeremy"DC-0017" black31996400
2The Retards"I Wanna Be Like Ron Jeremy"DC-0017" green31996100
3Flamingo"Jerk"DC-0027" pink21996300
4Flamingo"Jerk"DC-0027" pink variant2199650
5v/a"Live At St. Croix"DC-00312" white151997600
6v/a"Wierd Sounds From A Small Place"DC-0047" black41997400
7v/a"Wierd Sounds From A Small Place"DC-0047" yellow41997100
8Machinegun Surfers"Machinegun Surfers"DC-0057" black41998400
9Machinegun Surfers"Machinegun Surfers"DC-0057" magenta41998100
10Ricochets"Devil inside"DC-0067" black21999400
11Ricochets"Devil inside"DC-0067" red21999200
12Squareheads"Spread Your Legs"DC-0077" black41999300
13Squareheads"Spread Your Legs"DC-0077" orange41999200
14The Hidden Sect"Mythical Moments EP"DC-0087" black42004220
15Howlin' of the Wolf"Backfire madness"DC-00912" brown142015200
16Howlin' of the Wolf"Backfire madness"DC-00912" splat14201550
17Howlin' of the Wolf"Please don't listen"DC-0107" black22016300












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SR001 Flamingo - "The red wall" 10" red 1998

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About us

Dead Cool is a punk and garage vinyl label based in Fredrikstad, Norway. It was founded in 1996 by Esben Roos Svendsen and Glenn Henriksen. It's now run by Esben and Ole Sørensen. Certain sold out releases, go for as much as 600 kroners. Logo by Glenn. Big boss is Esben. Also check out Dead Cool on Discogs. All records have been printed at GZ Media, except the new Wolf single at Eldorado Media.

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